Camel Trekking Info

Please note that If the Camel ride is not comfortable for you. You can enjoy the sunnset in Erg Chebbi sahara dunes with a walk, Quad biking or with 4WD.

  • Dress for comfort – eg cotton T-shirts and loose fitting longer shorts,trousers
  • The camel guid will dress you with a turban for sun/sand protection. Remember sunglasses and Sun protection cream are very important in the desert. 
  • Flip flops,open toe sandals, trainers, light closed toe footwear, depends on weather and what you’re comfortable with
  • – If not, adjust yourself by shifting a little this way and that. Camel trekking is meant to be a great experience so whatever you do don’t endure being uncomfortable. If you can’t get yourself comfortable please ask your camel guid´s help.
  • This appears to be most people’s fear, understandably so. But remember camels are sturdy creatures and built for the job. Try not to be nervous during the camel trek
  • Please carry as little as possible with you on your camel a small backpack containing essentials may well suffice. Check your pockets for things that could fall out along the way. If you’re carrying a camera please use a camera strap. If you wear contact lenses and it’s an option you may find wearing glasses to be more comfortable due to dust and sand particles.

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