Tours From Nador

“Check out our tours from Nador.”

Morocco Explorer offers various tours that start from Nador and can be tailored to your personal preferences. You can choose between short trips or longer excursions that can last up to two weeks. During the tours, you will explore the northern part of the Kingdom, which includes crossing the Rif Mountains to reach the beautiful cities of Chefchaouen and Fes from the coast of Nador.

The itineraries then proceed across the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert to reach Marrakech and sometimes Essaouira, allowing you to experience Morocco’s diverse culture more comprehensively. The tours will give you the opportunity to learn about the history, traditions, and lifestyle of the people who inhabit these different regions.

Morocco’s stunning and glorious landscapes include mountains, deserts, and coastlines. You will also have the chance to try delicious local cuisine and shop for souvenirs in the bustling markets. Whether interested in history, nature, or culture, these tours offer something for everyone.

Here are the tours from Nador that we offer at Morocco Explorer.

8 Days Tour from Nador to Marrakech

Once we meet up, we’ll explore our 8-day Morocco Tour from Nador to Marrakech and head towards Fez. During the journey, we’ll occasionally admire the stunning landscapes of the… ( keep reading…)