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Morocco Explorer offers various tours from Marrakech, Morocco, catering to short and long trip durations. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a more immersive experience, there’s an adventure to suit everyone’s taste. Explore the stunning landscapes, rich history, and unique culture of Morocco with Explorer’s expert guides, who will take you on an unforgettable journey. Choose from various tours, including city tours, desert safaris, mountain hikes, and more, all designed to give you an authentic taste of Morocco. Some tours can last up to two weeks, and of course, you can customize your trip from Marrakech to suit your personal preferences. Marrakech is the most popular tourist city in Morocco, and tours from Marrakech are a fantastic choice among tourists. This is unsurprising as the Red City is a tremendous historical city with an exotic ambiance and dozens of monuments. Additionally, tours from Marrakech provide the perfect opportunity to explore the Sahara Desert.

Here are our tours that start from Marrakech.

2 Days Tour From Marrakech to Zagora Desert

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3 Days Desert Tour From Marrakech to Merzouga

9 Days Tour Marrakech to Casablanca via Merzouga Desert

3 Days Desert Tour Feom Marrakech to Fes

5 Days Sahara Tour From Marrakech


11 Days Western Sahara Tour Marrakech to Dakhla

3 Days Tour From Marrakech to Chegaga Desert

7 Days Trekking in Saghro Mountains From Marrakech

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